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Your Immunity Kit

Vlcc Wellscience Ashwagandha for stress relief
60 Tablets
Ashwagandha root extract with 3% withanolides for stress relief


Vlcc Wellscience Resp clear
30 Tablets
Resp Clear
Improves lung health, liquifies phlegm and eases breathing


Vlcc Wellscience Vitamineral
90 Tablets
A complete daily dose of essential nutrients for a healthy metabolism


Vlcc Wellscience Vitamineral
Herbal Immune Green Tea
Goodness of tulsi,lemongrass, ashwagandha & cardamom


Vlcc Wellscience Vitamineral
90 Tablets
Max Orac
A free radical scavenging and quenching antioxidant


Bridging Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom With Modern Science

At VLCC Wellscience, each product is created to bring you well researched and documented benefits from condition specific herbal formulations based on the science of Ayurveda. We have integrated the best practices of the traditional science of Ayurveda into the most modern scientific processes. This helps us deliver maximum benefit with minimum or no side effects. Nature has the power to heal, treat and cure in many forms. Our Inspiration is deep rooted in the science of Ayurveda and our utter commitment to ensure quality. VLCC Wellscience will consistently introduce the finest of products made with the best of science and the purest of nature.

Nutraceutical & supplements

Vlcc Wellscience livhealth
90 Tablets
Detoxifies, protects & rejuvenates with grape vine & milk thistle ext.


Vlcc Wellscience women health
90 Tablets
Women Health
Nature's calcium & iron supplements for healthy women


Vlcc Wellscience cardio Cholesterol
90 Tablets
Cardio Cholesterol
Supports Heart Health and manages cholesterol with terminalia arjuna


Vlcc Wellscience men health
60 Tablets
Men's Health
Helps to maintain general health for men


Vlcc Wellscience Garcinia cambogia extract
60 Tablets
Garcinia Cambogia Extract
100% pure Garcinia Cambogia extract with 65% HCA to burn fat


Vlcc Wellscience gastro care
90 Tablets
Gastro Care
Complete digestive health with ginger,indian bael & pippali ext.


Vlcc Wellscience orthod aid
90 Tablets
Ortho Aid
Complete solution to joint pain management


Vlcc Wellscience Omega-3 salmon fish oil
60 softgel
Salmon fish oil support heart,brain,eyes & immune system


Vlcc Wellscience Eye Health
60 Tablets
Eye Health
Lutein, Zeaxanthin, blueberry ext. for complete eye & vision care


Vlcc Wellscience Biotin
90 Tablets
Support hair growth,strengthen nails & maintains health skin


The AIM Technology

In order to ensure that the effectiveness of phyto-nutrients is consistent, VLCC Wellscience uses a uniquely innovative technology called the “Active Identifiable Marker” technology or AIM technology. VLCC Wellscience has been able to identify well-researched molecules in a plant that provide a bench mark for measurement of potency and therapeutic efficacy of the extract. For example we all know that Turmeric, better known as Haldi has a variety of health benefits. It contains molecules called CURCUMINOIDS. Now many of the health benefits that are attributed to HALDI are owed to the presence of CURCUMINOIDS. Therefore by ensuring a specified strength of CURCUMINOIDS, VLCC Wellscience has ensured the PURITY & THE POTENCY of this herb.

Recently Added

Vlcc Wellscience Antioxidant Gummy
30 Gummies
Antioxidant Gummy
Support reducing oxidative stress in the body with vitamins & minerals


Vlcc Wellscience calcium + vitamin d3
60 Tablets
Calcium + Vitamin D3
Calcium,vitamin D,magnesium and zinc nutrients for health bones


Vlcc Wellscience Glycemic care
30 Tablets
Glycemic Care
Bridges the nutritional gaps in people with diabetes


Vlcc Wellscience Green tea extract
60 Tablets
Green Tea Extract
The highest standardization of 98% polyphenols


Vlcc Wellscience active iq kids
60 Capsules
Active IQ kids
Supports memory & cognitive ability for children


Vlcc Wellscience Natural vitamin C + zinc
20 Tablets
Vitamin C + Zinc
Contains highly potential natural vitamin C with no ascorbic acid


Vlcc Wellscience Nutri greens blend of 10 green vegetables
20 Tablets
Nutri Greens
Blend of 10 green vegetables with vitamins & minerals


Vlcc Wellscience Slimming herbal green tea
Slimming Herbal Green tea
With goodness of garcinia cambogia,hibiscus,arjuna & cinnamon


Vlcc Wellscience Sound sleep gummy
30 Gummies
Sound Sleep Gummy
With melatonin,chamomile ext,valerian root ext & ashwagandha


Vlcc Wellscience Vitamin B12
60 Tablets
Vitamin B12
100% Glutten and sugar free approved by KETO


VLCC Wellscience

VLCC was founded in 1989 by Mrs, Vandana Luthra and is today widely recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of beauty and wellness products and services and also enjoys a high level of consumer trust. The brand is committed to ' transforming lives ' and seeks to spark self-transformation, spread happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness for life. VLCC Wellscience is the coming together of VLCC, a globally renowned brand in beauty and wellness industry, with Wellscience, an established name in Direct Selling, specializing in Nutraceutical, Dietary Supplements and Personal Care, founded by Mr. Lajinder Bawa in 2009.