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M ahaavir Kantura’s success story is one of those who remind you whether you’re at the bottom of the ladder or over the hill , it’s never too late to achieve greatness. Mahaavir Kantura, one of the biggest personalities of network marketing,he is a prominent leader, an embodiment of all the traits & skills which can erect many leaders effectively and successfully. The mission of his life is to bring smiles in the lives of 10 lakh people by 15th August 2035 and make them self-reliant and he is continuously moving forward towards this mission. Mahaavir Kantura belongs to a lower middle class family and he was born on 8 April 1982 in a small village near the city of Rishikesh (Uttarakhand) . He faced many difficulties in his early life when there were no resources . He gained the right character and values from his parents in his life. He spent most of his time reading books. As a result he became very strong mentally. At each & every stage of life Mr. Mahaavir Kantura has an inbuilt desire to be successful and he proceeded forward consistently towards more massive success.The basic information he got about direct selling attracted him a lot and somewhere he realized that through direct selling he can easily help many middle class people, who lack resources in their life.

His first year in the industry was very tough. He learned a lot because of initial failures and He got valuable experience of working in a practical field. He has failed many times, but He always came back with stronger determination . He believes if he can do it, you can do a lot better than him . With his winning attitude , his conviction and his habit of developing new skills today Mahaavir is living a successful life . In the very beginning the goals which seemed to attain impossible for him , today the same goals have become a part of his life . For the last many years, he is continually achieving success by staying at the top of his career. Mahaavir Kantura believes that he has seen failure for a long time and worked hard and through the principles and formulas which he has followed in his life for a long time, he can help many people. He has fulfilled not only his own dreams but he is also helping thousands of people to attain their targets of life. Today he has become known as a mentor of thousands of people , a motivational speaker , a brilliant coach and a leading direct seller . He is working as the top leader of his Direct Selling company . He has been rewarded by many famous personalities like Legendary Cricketers Mr. Kapil Dev and Padmashree Mrs. Vandana Luthra etc . Today he is counted among the most successful persons of the direct selling business.

The Vaccine for Financial Freedom On the basis of this belief Mahaavir has come with his book ," The Vaccine for Financial Freedom " which is sincerely based upon the phenomenon that success is within all of us. He would like to make you a part of this important journey from his book just to find it. The success formulas used in this book are so concrete and relevant that they can help you 100% to achieve success not only in one city or one state but all over the world. You can easily connect with his book and relate it to your life . He has been living this life changing industry for the last 18 years and he has read hundreds of books related to network marketing . He has conducted and attended innumerable seminars and trainings. Through this book, He is going to share with you the practical knowledge and experiences accumulated from my 18 years of travel.His book has the potential to help you to fulfill your dreams .It is compiled with 32 chapters. Having 330 pages, this book has the contents of five books in it .

This is not only a book, rather it is a complete package of success in which a video is introduced at the end of each and every part . With this book you will have the opportunity to attend a free webinar. There are so many scripts introduced in this book which will make Direct selling easy to understand. So many Powerful frameworks and motivational stories have made this book very interesting . This book is completely based upon the Proven Success Process. This book is written in very simple language so that anyone can easily replicate it in their business. The mission of his life is to make 10 lakh people self-reliant by 15th August 2035 and Mahaavir believes that this book will prove to be a milestone in entrepreneurship and network marketing business, empowering millions of people. His book, “The Vaccine for Financial Freedom” is a strong step of Mahaavir Kantura in that mission.

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